Finishing up your blogs and final projects

As promised, here is the blog post laying out deadlines over the next few days. Just to remind yourselves about the details of the final project, here they are again.

1. This Friday, I will keep the Mac lab (our classroom) open from 4:30 or 5 p.m. until midnight so that you can finish your news videos. I would like to see all videos uploaded to YouTube and embedded in your blog by the time we wrap up. Please note: If no one has showed up by 8 p.m., I will leave. I recommend arriving as early as possible, since we all know we can run into unanticipated problems when editing video. If you find yourself locked out of the building, call me on my cellphone (978-314-4721) and I’ll come and get you.

2. Also this Friday at midnight, your memo on how you used social-networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook to assist with reporting on your final project will be due. This does not have to be a big deal — between a half-page and page, single-spaced, is fine. Just send it by e-mail.

3. The syllabus says that I will assess your blogs on work done through today. I consider that to be a soft deadline. I will probably start reading blogs during the weekend, so, again, think in terms of Friday at midnight.

4. The last deadline for your final project is this coming Wednesday, April 28, at 10 a.m. I realize I had said Tuesday at midnight, but if you need to pull an all-nighter, there is no reason for me to stand in your way. I am looking for:

  • A completed and revised blog post.
  • Your Flickr slideshow, embedded in the post.
  • Your news video, also embedded in the post.
  • Your link from a Google map that I will put together. Details to come on that, so please pay attention to this blog.

You may either revise your existing blog post or write a new one and delete your first draft. Whatever works best for you is fine, but I would suggest that writing a new one will be easier.

An important note about proper names! I did not check proper names when editing your projects, but I will definitely be doing that when grading them. Any misspelled proper name will affect your grade. I have been easy about this with your blogs, but your final project is an edited piece of journalism. Triple-check every name. Make sure you don’t offer multiple-choice spellings on subsequent references. I will be very happy if I don’t have to lower a single grade because of a misspelled name. Do not undermine all the hard work you’ve been doing.


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