NewsTrust assignment

Mike LaBonte; click on image for more photos

Yesterday we heard from Mike LaBonte, an editor and reviewer for, which allows users to submit and rate news stories for journalistic importance and quality. As a learning exercise, we had four teams read and analyze this story in the Washington Post on a Tea Party protester.

For your next assignment, you will use NewsTrust and reflect on the experience. I would like each of you to find, submit and rate three stories between now and 5 p.m. on Friday, April 9, and to write a 350-word post on your blog. You will need to register with NewsTrust if you have not already done so. You should use the “Full Review” form and write something in the “Notes” for each one. You may choose stories on any topic you like.

In your blog post, you should link to each of your three (or more) reviews; reflect on the experience, and explain whether you think NewsTrust is a valuable tool; and make suggestions, if you have any, on how NewsTrust might become more useful.

I haven’t forgotten about our wiki assignment. You will add what you have done with NewsTrust to a wiki I am putting together. I’ll explain it in class on Wednesday.


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