A newcomer’s guide to NU

I spent part of yesterday going over your efforts and cleaning up the map so that we had a consistent look and feel for each spot. I am very pleased with how this turned out, especially given the problems that I was having with the initial set-up over the weekend. It looks like the problem was on Google’s end, and now all is well. You all did a very good job.

Tragically, the various map symbols you used were not working, at least not to my eye. Some of them just didn’t fit, and there was nothing for the two bowling alleys. So I changed everything back to the generic teardrop pointer, which, though not too exciting, is at least not a distraction.

Not all of this worked out as I had planned. Many of you included your assessment of handicap access, which I had asked for. But some of you didn’t. And I must confess that I forgot to include it in my own write-up. Overall, though, what we came up with is a useful example of map-based journalism with multiple points of entry.

I’ve locked down the map except for two students who haven’t added anything yet. That’s because I’m going to brag about you on my own blog, and I don’t want to risk anyone vandalizing your work.


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