Your final project

Yesterday I explained the various components of your final project. Today I’m putting them down in writing. The goal is to tie together many of the skills we have worked on during the semester.

As you know, your project will consist of an in-depth piece of reported journalism about a digital-media person or project that you think is interesting and significant. Your project will include the following:

  • An 800- to 1,000-word blog post — a feature story, essentially — that must include at least five three interviews. You may interview people in person or by phone. E-mail interviews are not permitted unless there is a good reason and I have approved it ahead of time. Be sure to include all relevant links in your blog post. Due: Friday, April 16.
  • A slideshow that you will upload to Flickr and embed in your blog post. I am looking for somewhere between six and 10 photos. You may conceive of this as part of your main story or as a sidebar. For instance, yesterday we talked about what to do if you are profiling a Boston food blogger and you are unable to interview that person face-to-face. You could take pictures of, say, five restaurants she loves and five she hates. You need to write complete titles and captions for each photo. Due: Friday, April 16.
  • A video that you will upload to YouTube and embed in your blog post. Your video should be somewhere between two and five minutes long and should include interviews with at least three different people. Just as with your earlier video assignment, I want you to include some B-roll (still photos and video) and an introductory stand-up starring yourself. As with the slideshow, your video can be part of your main story or a sidebar. For instance, let’s say you’re profiling an out-of-state blogger who writes about video games. You could put together a video in which you interview gamers about their favorite blogs. Due: Friday, April 23 (one week after your blog post and slideshow.)
  • A brief memo (a paragraph or two) on how you used social media such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to find sources and improve your story. Due: Friday, April 23.
  • You will also be asked to plot the main location of your story on a Google map that I will put together, and build in a link to your blog post. This will take you less than a half-hour. Due: Finals week; date TBA.
  • On our last day of class, Wednesday, April 21, I will e-mail to you my suggested revisions for your blog post and slideshow. Due: Finals week; date TBA.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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