Your GlobalPost blog assignment

Charles Sennott, executive editor of GlobalPost

Many thanks to Charles Sennott, executive editor of GlobalPost, and Rick Byrne, director of communications and marketing, for hosting our class at GlobalPost headquarters in the North End on Wednesday.

As always with our guest speakers, I want you to write a blog post about your experience. This time, though, I have some specifics I want you to concentrate on in line with Sennott’s presentation. Please note: You can do this even if you were unable to attend, so I’m expecting to see a meaty post from everyone.

  • Spend some time with the site. What is your overall impression? What do you like? What do you think could be improved? What is your usual source of international news, and how does GlobalPost compare?
  • Familiarize yourself with “Life, death and the Taliban,” GlobalPost’s special multimedia report. It would take you many hours to read and see everything, but make sure you read some of the content, watch at least a few videos and look at a slideshow or two. What is your assessment? What works? What doesn’t?
  • Many of you either have or will study overseas at some point. Check out GlobalPost’s feature Study Abroad, with content produced by college students. Based on your experiences abroad or on what you hope to do in the future, please list three brief story ideas and whether you would do them in the form of a text story, a video or a slideshow.

Your deadline for this post will be Sunday, March 14, at 5 p.m., so as not to interfere with any last-minute work you’re doing on your video. As you know, a good-size post is 300 words, but I could see this floating up to around 500 words, depending on how you approach it.


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