Our field trip to GlobalPost

This Wednesday, March 10, we will visit GlobalPost, an international, Web-based news service based in Boston. This is a big deal, and you need to be prepared. Many stories have been written about the launch of GlobalPost. This one, by Adam Reilly of the Boston Phoenix, is especially good. Also, make sure you spend some time with the site itself in order to get a feel for what it’s all about.

GlobalPost is located in the Pilot House on Lewis Wharf, in the North End. Unfortunately, it is not as accessible as I’d like it to be, especially since I know some of you have class right after Reinventing. Here is what I’ve arranged:

At 2:30 p.m., I will be standing outside the Ruggles Orange Line station, on the Centennial Common side. At 2:45, we will take the Orange Line to North Station. We’ll have to walk a little bit under a mile to get to GlobalPost (the weather is supposed to be nice). We’ll try to make it to GlobalPost as close to 3:15 as possible.

The tour will wrap up between 4 and 4:15. I will ask that everyone stay until at least 4. After that, if you have to leave, no problems.

If you don’t connect with us at Ruggles, simply take the Orange Line to Haymarket and follow the map.


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