More on your photo assignment

I have received several inquiries about ideas for your photo-story assignment due Sunday at 5 p.m. Let me see if I can explain it a bit more than I have already.

What I am pushing you to do is to produce a piece of visual storytelling. If you put together a slideshow comprising random pictures, you haven’t done any storytelling, even if you diligently write titles and captions for each one.

I suggested covering an event, but you don’t have to. I’m simply looking for a great story idea. Don’t get hung up on the word “event.” For instance, if you want to cover a sporting event, you would, quite frankly, be far better off photographing a pick-up basketball game at the Marino Center than doing something big-time. You’ll get good access, good pictures and you can interview and take pictures of a few of the players.

I don’t want anyone getting into trouble for talking in the library, but what sorts of students are in the library at midnight on a Saturday? Or do a story on, say, a local eatery. The Espresso Royale Café is a pretty colorful place. You could interview a barista and a few of the customers.

Think about variety. For instance, if I were doing the Espresso Royale story, I might shoot an environmental portrait of a barista (in front of an espresso machine, perhaps), or maybe waiting on someone. I’d want a customer sitting, working on his laptop. Maybe a couple more talking with each other. A few wide shots. Maybe an outdoor shot? A barista smoking outside, perhaps.

And please follow the guidelines of the assignment as closely as possible.


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