Declaring her curiosity

Stephanie Miller speaking at Northeastern

Many thanks to Stephanie Miller, director of digital media for CBS Boston Television, who shared with us the social-media initiatives she is overseeing for WBZ-TV (Channels 4 and 38). Stephanie gave a demonstration of Declare Your Curiosity, an online project that allows viewers to submit story ideas that WBZ reporters then follow up, both on the Web and on television.

The Declare Your Curiosity blog is here; you’ll find stories that grew out of the blog here.

Please keep updating your blogs. For your next steps, I want you to write a post about Miller’s presentation and a post tied to the beat you have chosen for yourself. All posts should have at least three links to outside content. And remember what we’ve talked about regarding categories, tags, photos and videos.

I’d like you to have everything up to date by the end of the day on Sunday.


2 responses to “Declaring her curiosity

  1. Really impressive thinkers in this class. Their interpretations of our meeting were inspirational.

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