Searching the global and local blogospheres

You can perform a search in Google, Google News or Google Blogsearch and get the RSS feed for that search very easily. This can be a valuable tool for keeping up with breaking developments related to the subject of your blog. Be sure to check out the advanced search features so that you can make your search as narrow and specific as possible.

By Tuesday at 5 p.m. I would like you to write a post about what local bloggers are saying about a story in the news. Because geographic coding is lagging online, this is more difficult than it sounds. Fortunately, we have Adam Gaffin, the publisher of Universal Hub and the Boston Blog Network, to thank for our ability to do this to some extent.

  • Use the search engine in the upper-right corner of Universal Hub. You’ll get a listing of all posts that contain your search phrase. Because Universal Hub is a blog of blogs, in almost every case the posts you look at will link out to any of nearly 1,000 Greater Boston blogs that Gaffin tracks.
  • The feed from Boston Blogs is potentially even more useful — you should be able to search the headlines and the first couple of lines from every post on all of the blogs that Gaffin tracks. The advantage over Universal Hub is that Boston Blogs has everything — not just the posts that Gaffin decides are worth highlighting. Gaffin says he hopes to add a search engine to the site by tonight (Monday). If he’s able to do it, it should be a great complement to searching Universal Hub.

Don’t forget to keep using categories and tags.

In addition to the post I want you to write, I also want you to edit the About page on your blog. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog. Add a photo of yourself if you’d like. You may find that you want to add more pages to your blog as well — such as links to your published work, for example.


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