Your first blog post

You have now set up your blog using It’s time to write your first post. For this assignment, please write a post about a topic in the news. It should be about 300 to 350 words long.

A blog post generally consists of three components: links, excerpts and your own commentary. You can write about anything you like — from the earthquake in Haiti to the debut this week of “American Idol.”

Use sites such as Google News, Yahoo News and Google Blogsearch to find articles and blog posts related to the story you’re interested in. Find three good sources of information. Write a post rounding up these sources, quote briefly from each of them and provide links to them.

Tie it all together with your own commentary. Don’t go overboard with your opinion, but you may certainly write with more personality than you were accustomed to in your basic journalism courses.

The deadline for this post is Thursday at 5 p.m. When you are done, please e-mail me the URL of your blog so that I can read your post and add your blog to the class blogroll.


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